Understanding of Potential Energy

Understanding of Potential Energy
Here is an understanding of potential energy, formulas, and also examples in everyday life. Discussions about potential energy in schools are often studied in physics. The existence of this type of energy is often not realized by us, whereas in our daily lives we often find it. Therefore, let's understand together about potential energy, you can read more clearly below.
 A. What is potential energy? The definition of potential energy is an energy found in a stationary object, and has the potential to produce energy due to the position of the object. Or the definition of potential energy that is the energy possessed by an object at rest. Potential energy can also be called quiescent energy, if an object is at rest and has a certain position has the potential to produce energy if the object is moving, then there is an event of energy change where the potential energy becomes kinetic energy (on Journal Zambrut Education Studies).

B. Examples of potential energy in everyday life Here are some examples of potential energy in objects that exist in our daily lives, including: The oven is not electrified yet. The oven has potential energy and will generate heat if it has already been electrified. Irons that are not electric. The iron has potential energy and will produce heat if it has already been electrified. The filled gas cylinder, if connected to a gas stove and activated, the potential energy will change into heat energy. Spring rubber that has not been pulled, because if pulled will become elastic energy. Bows and arrows have potential spring energy when used. A light bulb that has not been electrified, if it has been electrified it will produce light energy. Television that has not been electrified. Unused batteries. The silent stone lies on the cliff. If the stone falls, the potential energy will turn into kinetic energy. And others. Please Read Also: Understanding Kinetic Energy and Its Formulas Equipped with Examples.

C. Conclusion Discussion From the description above, it can be concluded that the notion of potential energy is the energy contained in stationary objects, and the potential to produce energy due to the position of the object. So Earth's gravity can affect the potential energy of an object. Examples of potential energy that exists in our daily lives such as:
1). Irons that have not been electrified will produce heat energy if they have been electrified;
2). The silent stone is located on the cliff, if it falls, it will produce kinetic energy.
3). Light bulbs that have not been electrified, if electrified will produce light energy, and others. That discussion about potential energy, hopefully you can understand and can be useful in adding insight. If found a few mistakes apologize, that's all and thank you.